Michelle Rhee-Weise

Senior Education Research Fellow

Michelle Rhee-Weise is an Education Senior Research Fellow at Innosight Institute focused on the blended and online developments in higher education.

Michelle received her B.A. magna cum laude in literature from Harvard University and her M.A. and Ph.D. from Stanford University in English literature. As a tenure-track professor in the English department at Skidmore College, Michelle taught 20th- and 21st-century American and Asian American literature. Prior to joining Innosight, Michelle served as the Vice President of Academic Affairs for Fidelis Education, an education technology start-up intent on building a military-to-civilian career transition for U.S. service members. Her work as the company’s chief academic officer included developing curricula and establishing teaching partnerships with colleges and universities. Michelle has also had a wide range of experiences outside of higher education, teaching second graders at a charter school in Harlem, international civil conflicts to 11th graders in Medford, MA, and mathematics to junior high and high school students in Pasadena, CA.

In 2005, she was selected as a Fulbright Scholar to South Korea. She has been a part of volunteer efforts for different environmental conservation and health programs in Australia, New Zealand, Mali, and South Africa.

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