This page is a first iteration toward providing a robust and highly useful database tool to organize and present data about blended-learning programs. The profiles included provide brief case studies of organizations that are beginning to blend online learning with supervised brick-and-mortar settings. The profiles do not evaluate the programs, nor do they represent an endorsement. Instead, they are purely descriptive in an attempt to provide a clearer picture of the emerging field. Profiles may be filtered according to the variables presented in the search boxes below.

While designing the database, we first assorted the entries based on common criteria like courses offered, locations covered, extension programmes, faculty features and contact details. The profiles have been described without encouraging or discouraging the readers to develop an opinion about any organization in a prior situation. We have not been paid for any promotions nor do we support any kind of advertisements by and to the related fields in any form. For example, if you visit a genuine review site which evaluates and explains the pros and cons of all the trading robots in the particular main category, you can decide for yourselves to hire the service of Crypto CFD Trader and not based on any advertisement that you come across on any general blogs or browser ad section.

Our data collection method was fully uninfluenced and done by internal staff through general data mining methods such as internet browsing, official websites, news feeds, unbiased financial articles, ground workers and fact brochures. The collected data are then fed into a structured database with details like year and source of the foundation, type of organization, finance and financial supports. If the online institute is a separate wing under the main educational trust or organization, the digital school is listed as a subsidiary of the parent organization. If there are any differences in the location or contact details, that is also mentioned in the database along with the concerned person to be contacted for admission or any other kind of interaction.

The faculty and management lists along with qualifications and roles are entered under the management section. The full description of courses including subjects certificate courses and skill enhancement training comprise the section of educational products. None of our staff has any kind of relationships with the listed institutes

We welcome your feedback on this tool to incorporate into our ongoing work of providing a useful database. Please leave feedback in the comment box at the bottom of this page.

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