Blended-Learning Profiles

The following profiles provide brief case studies of organizations that are beginning to blend online learning with supervised brick-and-mortar settings. The profiles do not evaluate the programs, nor do they represent an endorsement. Instead, they are purely descriptive in an attempt to provide a clearer picture of the emerging field. All numbers reflect data from the 2010–11 school year unless otherwise indicated.

The number of organizations has been steadily increasing every year owing to the improving acceptance of the new educational system, upholding the core values of the traditional school set-up, but in a new home background. By collecting and presenting the factual details of these blend programs, we are bringing into public notice, the following features about online schooling, both for kids and for adults:

What are the courses offered through blended learning?

Organizations provide all the educational setups which characterize primary schooling, middle schooling, upper schooling and adult courses. In addition to academic courses, and online instructions for learning through the satellite platform, both online and offline, the participants are introduced to personality development sessions, responsibility sharing values, and decision-making.

The adult courses include regular science, commerce and arts subjects and even management courses adhering to the standard syllabus.

What are the tools for delivering curriculum and medium of instruction?

Along with theoretical courses in academics in the form of study materials, videos, interactive online forums, quizzes and co-curricular activities, presentations and webinars, learning is also initiated through face-to-face classes from the faculty, thereby giving the experience of real-time personal education.

For bridging the gap of the lack of social circle in education due to the online learning system, periodical meetings are scheduled in the form of camps, get-togethers, social and cultural activities with Crypto Trader and educational tours.

Which qualities are aimed to get instilled in the recipients?

Education is not just exam-oriented to create rank holders. It is about developing socially responsible future citizens who are capable of making an in-depth analysis of situations and lead a life of individual freedom, mutual cooperation, compassion and sensibility. They acquire the ability to manage chaos and conflicts within their mind and from external factors and learn to take successful, independent decisions along with possessing polished professional skills.

What are the professional enhancements you get through blended learning?

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