Blended-Learning Profiles

The following profiles provide brief case studies of organizations that are beginning to blend online learning with supervised brick-and-mortar settings. The profiles do not evaluate the programs, nor do they represent an endorsement. Instead, they are purely descriptive in an attempt to provide a clearer picture of the emerging field.

Being a new format and promising a new experience for the students, parents and teachers alike, it is a kind of obligation we would like to offer. The introductions can help in eliminating the initial glitches and apprehensions about the new revolution in education. The school education is majorly involved in shaping up an individual in terms of his attitude basic skills and knowledge which pave way for his future. The individual displays one or the other quality that he acquired from his schooling in all walks of his life. Therefore, it becomes the responsibility of the parents to clear any Crypto Code faced aspects of an online introduction of the ancient format of individual development.

We do not support any particular institutes or have tried to undermine another. The descriptions are fully unbiased with the objective of giving the most transparent information of the modern schooling systems that may enter your home. The profiles cover the basic details such as original location, contact details, history of the offering organization, class levels offered, diversity of subjects covered, eligibility and qualifications of the faculty members, additional support is given to the home-schooled students and their parents, etc. there is no kind of comparisons included in the list or anywhere in the description, for all the entries are purely on the basis of facts. Any change in the details or the institutes listed will be notified accordingly and the readers can easily sort the entries based on date, location and preferences. All numbers reflect data from the 2010–11 school year unless otherwise indicated.

Innosight Institute wrote 40 of these profiles for the report “The rise of K–12 blended learning: Profiles of emerging models.” These profiles appear in the left column below. We invite school operators and others with an eye on blended-learning programs not profiled in our report to add their profiles to this set of case studies, which will in turn appear in the right column. You can add your profile by clicking here. Also, those schools and operators profiled in the Innosight Institute report may also use this tool to update their profiles.

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