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As blended learning continues to evolve, so does the research. Innosight Institute’s latest white paper, titled “Classifying K-12 blended learning,” provides key definitions related to blended learning and identifies four overarching models, down from six. Click here to read more about how blended learning is taking shape in K-12 education.

Why have select integrated health systems outpaced their peers across nearly all quality and cost measures? More than one year ago, Innosight Institute set out to answer this question by identifying the critical factors and decisions that led to successful, integrated health systems. Our findings are documented in the paper “Disruptive Innovation in Integrated Care Delivery Systems,” which is the culmination of research on seven different organizations representing a wide spectrum of health systems around the country.

Now science is based on technology and technology develops with research and innovation. Healthcare is probably the riskiest intervention of technology, and also has a high rate of dependency. No matter how experienced the physicians, he needs one or the other tool to proceed with his diagnosis and treatment. Human health is becoming more and more sophisticated and new threats are surfacing rapidly. Starting from taking an appointment for the visit, to check up, diagnosis, treatment and even documentation, there is no area that does not require technological assistance. For example, a gastroenterologist with more than 40 years of experience needs the help of an ultrasound sonography to review an endoscopic procedure. For retrieving your reports of the checkup, you have to visit the website or provide the email id, and you are even given a dedicated user profile for the same.

In our latest health care case study, follow Sentara Healthcare in Virginia as it prepares for significant changes in how health care will be delivered and priced in the future. Pilots focusing on chronic disease management, bundled payments for procedures, and a patient-centered medical home are underway, yet Sentara is also acutely aware of the challenges these new delivery models pose to its successful, hospital-led health care system.

Innosight Institute joined the New Schools Venture Fund and Education Elements in releasing a K-12 education technology market map at The Philanthropy Roundtable’s K-12 Education conference in San Francisco October 12, 2011. Created in collaboration with the Laura and John Arnold Foundation, the map is a graphical, interactive representation of the burgeoning K-12 education technology market designed to help investors, donors, and entrepreneurs better evaluate today’s landscape of education technology ventures. Check out the map here.

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