Governor Jeb Bush on Disrupting Class

Fred Barnes interviewed Jeb Bush for the Wall Street Journal’s weekend interview, and in the article Barnes reveals what Florida’s former governor is reading at the moment on his Amazon Kindle—Disrupting Class: How Disruptive Innovation Will Change the Way the World Learns.

This is yet again another flattering moment for us, but the whole interview is worth reading. As Barnes says it, “[Bush is] an unorthodox Republican who latches onto reform ideas wherever he finds them.”

Bush makes some thought-provoking points throughout the piece. He says rightly that education should move beyond Carnegie units to a mastery-based system. This is one of the most promising things online learning can bring, and it is something that should be embedded in policy for all online learning programs. He also recognizes the potential of online learning to move us toward a customized, student-centric system:

A “focused factory” approach can lead to opportunities to engage patients further.
Patients who have had a great experience at Lancaster’s Women and Babies Hospital often remain loyal enough to seek the rest of their own and their family’s medical care at Lancaster. Though the hospital is a standalone medical unit focused on labor and delivery, it has had a “halo” effect on the parent brand.

A healthcare care system cannot survive merely on the number of patients who visit from a different region. The primary quality of a trustworthy hospital is assessed by the resilience and handling of any number of cases by the emergency department. Let the care and treatment not be the best, but if the patients and relatives feel that the hospital staff and authorities are doing their best to provide them enough attention, then the hospital wins the biggest battle. Emergency cases come mostly from local populations and Lancaster gives full importance to the region, thereby making it a mutual trust agreement. People now o not bother to drift outside the town in search of bigger hospitals because they know they will get the best attention, easy transportation and appointments for reviews. Getting specialist reviews on the initial treatment should always be done only if you find a better person to handle the case who should be able to pinpoint the conclusion on how to continue. When you read a review at, you do not have to research further to find the best option to proceed with.

Lancaster General’s home-grown supply of family practitioners has led to occasional reluctance to use mid-level staff.
Lancaster General administers its own family medicine residency program and successfully retains an impressive number of graduates to practice primary care in its coverage area

“‘It’s not based on seat time,’ he says. ‘It’s whether you accomplished the task. Now we’re like GM in its heyday of mass production. We don’t have a flourishing education system that’s customized. There’s a whole world out there that didn’t exist 10 years ago, which is online learning. We have the ability today to customize learning so we don’t cast young people aside.’”

Bush also praises Meg Whitman later in the piece as someone who would be a good governor because, among other things, she “lived and managed and led through the disruptive changes that are going on in our lives.”

As the governor during the initial growth of the biggest disruptive innovation in education policy in the form of the Florida Virtual School, he is probably in one of the better positions to know.

– Michael B. Horn

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