A Keynote On Franchise Business

A Keynote On Franchise Business

Currently, there are many standard business shops mostly the burger, pizza type eateries or juice types that are popping up in every nook and corner of the city. This may either represent a popular national or international brand. Have you ever thought on how this is getting structured in our city? Or, who is actually behind the scene?

In simple terms, this type of business can be referred to the franchise business. Primarily, the franchise makes an initial deposit along with other ongoing royalties to the franchisor of the concerned business. As a result, the franchise gets the power or title to use the trademark along with the support from the franchisor and further, he should follow the right methods of utilizing the franchisor’s system of business for selling the brand products or services.

Chief Advantage

When compared to the system of starting a business from its scratch, employing the franchise model offers many benefits like

  • It is already a proven system of operation and so, you can be confident in starting it because you get the initial training on how to run the shop.
  • Mistakes or errors would not exist that end up in losing your money as a fresher in the business field.
  • In addition, a reputable franchisor thoroughly analyzes the market situation as well as the competition it has to face with respect to the area of concern prior to actually selling out a new outlet there. This is to ensure that they get the maximum demand for their products or services being offered. They too propose a clear pathway to tackle the competition that indeed makes you excel in the sector. However, this fact is lacking with the independent entrepreneurs.
  • Similarly, you can also enjoy the economic benefits in terms of buying the raw materials, equipment set up and other related supplies. Also, the advertising and even negotiating the renting capital are all easily dealt with the franchisor who makes your job really easy. As a fresher, you may not even get the plot simply because suppliers would not want to conduct a deal with you.

Difference between the franchise and venture opportunity

A franchise has a definite mode of operation when compared to the other. Moreover,

  • A venture opportunity does not characterize a specific trademark and usually, the person purchasing it might run it under his own name.
  • There is no supporting link between the seller and the purchaser. Once the order is met, buyers operate in their own ways.





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