No shock as Peru’s one-to-one laptops miss mark Posted on August 22nd, 2012 by Michael B. Horn

Five years ago Peru’s government equipped 800,000 of its public school students with low-cost laptops through the One Laptop Per Child initiative. The purpose was to use digital technology to fight poverty by boosting student learning. According to reports, such as this one in eSchool News, the effort in Peru has largely been a flop. The initiative […]

Classifying K-12 blended learning

May 2012 As blended learning continues to expand across the K-12 sector, definitions are important to help people talk about the new phenomena. This white paper refines our previous work in helping to create a shared language for the emerging field so that innovators can build upon each other’s ideas, rather than talk past each […]


By James Sloan April 2012 In 1992, when personal computing was in its relative infancy, Apple Computer engineers Joe Barrus and Ketan Kothari, later joined by Ketan’s brother, Manish, launched a successful effort to produce and market “smart keyboards.” With these word-processing devices, the entrepreneurs targeted elementary school teachers who found personal computers unsatisfying for […]