Rethinking student motivation

This white paper is adapted from the forthcoming second edition of Disrupting Class: How Disruptive Innovation Will Change the Way the World Learns (McGraw-Hill, September 2010) by Clayton M. Christensen, Michael B. Horn, and Curtis W. Johnson. In most school reform efforts the focus is on the schools. The question we typically ask is, “Why […]

Beyond Good and Evil

Executive Summary The role of for-profit companies in public education–education financed by the government–has attracted increased scrutiny over the past few years. Though for-profit entities such as textbook companies have had contracts with public school districts for decades, recent controversy over what government officials and others perceive as low graduation rates and questionable marketing practices […]

Moving from inputs to outputs to outcomes

The fast-growing field of online learning, in which over 4 million K–12 students1 and over 75 percent of school districts nationwide2 are utilizing some form of online learning, has the potential to transform the nation’s education system into a student-centric one that allows each child to reach her human potential. But currently the vast majority […]

Chicago Public Schools Posted on May 13th, 2011 by Blended Learning

Additional Learning Opportunities Initiative Operator overview Operator name N/A Operator type District Headquarters Chicago, Illinois Focus Urban Grades served PreK-12 % FRL 86% (2008-09 school year) % Black or Hispanic 86% (2009-10 school year) Revenue per pupil $11,536 (2007-08 school year) Blended-learning program Blended grades 1-8 Enrollment 6,000 (in first 15-school pilot) Blended subjects Math, […]

Michael B. Horn

Executive Director, Education Michael B. Horn is the co-founder and executive director of the education practice of Innosight Institute, a non-profit think tank devoted to applying the theories of disruptive innovation to solve problems in the social sector. In this capacity, Horn leads a team that educates policymakers and the public on how to […]

Katherine Mackey

Education Research Fellow and Design Editor Katherine Mackey is a Research Fellow in Innosight Institute’s Education Practice and oversees Innosight Institute’s design work. Prior to joining Innosight Institute in September 2008, she was an eleventh-grade English teacher at Highland High School, a public high school in Utah. She worked previously as a designer at […]

Jason Hwang

Executive Director, Health Care Dr. Jason Hwang is the co-founder and Executive Director, Health Care of Innosight Institute, a not-for-profit think tank devoted to applying the theories of disruptive innovation to problems in the social sector. He is the coauthor of The Innovator’s Prescription: A Disruptive Solution for Health Care with Harvard Business School […]

Heather Staker

Senior Education Research Fellow Heather Clayton Staker is a Senior Research Fellow for the Education Practice at Innosight Institute. She is the author of many publications, including “The rise of K-12 blended learning: Profiles of emerging models,” which Innosight Institute published in May of 2011. Keeping Pace with K-12 Online Learning listed it as one […]

Virtual Schooling

Talking Points The U.S. has shifted to a knowledge-based economy which requires students to master higher order knowledge and skills. Our current education system was designed in the early 1900s for an industrial-based economy that needed a standardized system for processing students in large batches with a fixed amount of time for each stage in […]